3D Models

Photogrammetric results - FBK-3DOM

The most advanced photogrammetric techniques were used to process all the acquired images (more than 500) and obtain an accurate 3D model in different representation formats (point cloud, mesh, texturized mesh). In-house developed algorithms and combined with commercial packages were used and sometimes compared to determine the best procedures on the basis of parameters like accuracy, reliability, time required and costs.


Laser scanning results - CNR-ISTI

The range maps produced in the acquisition phase were aligned and merged using a state-of-the-art pipeline which is able to preserve at best the accuracy of the single acquisitions. Moreover, all the images  were aligned on the 3D model, and the color information was projected on the model in order to obtain a realistic and detailed apparent color. All the processing was performed on MeshLab (http://meshlab.sourceforge.net ), an open source mesh processing tool developed and maintained by Visual Computing Lab. Hence, the whole pipeline can be described and reproduced for any other 3D scanning campaign. The high resolution 3D model is composed by more than 60M faces.


3D results - CNR-ITABC

3D results - University of Bologna

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